Our waiting list application process

We cater for children from 3 years of age to school entry. Your child’s name can be placed on our waiting list once they have turned 2 years of age.

To lodge a Waiting List Application, you can click one of the 2 links here:

Waiting List Application – Print Out and Fill In in PDF format that you can print out to complete by hand. You can then return the form to us in person or by mail – or

–  Waiting List Application Form – Editable in Word Document format that you can open, add your details directly and then save the form to return to us attached to an email.

To finalise the application process, the payment of our $10 Waiting List Application Fee (non-refundable) needs to be paid either in person with cash or you can make a direct deposit into our bank account. Our bank account details are on the application form.

Our funding

We receive State Government funding from the Department of Education’s “Start Strong Preschool Funding Model” to support the operation of our Preschool. The main aim of this funding model is to ensure that all 4 year olds (defined as turning 4 by 31st July) access preschool education for a minimum of 15 hours per week (2 days) in the year prior to starting school and that priority children from low-income families and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families have significantly reduced fees.

Because we do still enrol 3 year old children, unless they are in a priority group, they are classed as “unfunded”. Therefore, we operate a differential fee structure based on whether your child falls into either a funded or unfunded group.

Our sessions

3 year olds are offered 1 day a week (Wednesday).

4 year olds are offered 2 days a week (choice of either Mon/Tue or Thu/Fri) and when available, the option of adding a Wednesday for a 3 days a week attendance.

Our fees

Our current fees are:

Waiting List Application Fee$10A once only fee, non refundable.
Annual Membership Fee$10Annual fee added to your first invoice.
Unfunded Fee$60 per dayFor all 3 year olds. For any 4 year old attending for less than 15 hours per week (i.e. 1 day only).
Funded Fee$42 per dayFor all 4 year olds attending for a minimum of 15 hours per week (i.e. 2 or 3 days).
Low Income Family Health Care Card Holders$15 per dayA priority group. For all ages, for any attendance pattern.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander$10 per dayA priority group. For all ages, for any attendance pattern.

Our enrolment program

Our enrolment program usually starts in August in each year when we first re-enrol all the children who are currently attending the preschool and who will be returning to preschool for another year.

Once this process is completed, we will then know how many vacancies we have available to offer to the families on our waiting list.

Enrolment offers are conducted firstly in DOB groupings, 4 year olds (turning 4 before 31st July) and then 3 year olds. Within these age groupings, enrolments are offered in enrolment priority order; i.e. those who have been on the waiting list the longest are offered places first.

Once you have had a confirmation of an enrolment, you will be invited to our Parents’ Orientation Evening that is held in October. This is when you will collect your child’s enrolment kit, meet the staff and ask any questions you may have about our preschool.

This is followed in November by our Stay and Play Open Day where we open the preschool on a Saturday so that parents and children can come and get to know the preschool environment and chat to the staff.


Download waiting list application forms:

– in Word Document format (editable, return by email)
– in PDF format (to print, complete, return in person or by mail)